Monday, April 27, 2015

For Sale (From Junky Clock Haul)

I've had several people (elsewhere) ask if any of these clocks would be available for sale, so I took detailed photos of the ones I want to sell. Since I have everything ready, I thought I would also post them here.

Prices are negotiable. Shipping is extra (I pack very well, and I'll ship worldwide). I ship from Canada K6J 2V4.

A: Helmut Kammerer Cuckoo 10$
Missing back door, no pendulum, I may or may not have a chain for it (it appears to use only a single chain for the time and strike). Bellows leather is worn and needs replacing. The entire front is also loose on the case, but nothing too severe.

B: Beautiful Painted Regula Cuckoo 40$
Replacement pendulum, no side door, no hands. The flutes have a very nice sound to them. Has the chains and weights, but it's missing the hooks and loops. The colous on it are beautiful and it would make a great clock with a bit of work.

C: Regula Cuckoo 30$
Crest and hands are missing. Replacement pendulum included. Bellows need new leather/cloth. Otherwise the clock is in excellent condition. Chains and weights present.

D: White Painted Cuckoo Clock Case 5$
This is a rather rare clock, but it is only a partial case. The top and pendulum are missing, as is the movement, back door, hands, etc. It has the original bellows, and the original bird. I have white-painted weights with it also. The case is dirty, but the dirt comes off pretty easily. In the photos I've cleaned the right side and centre leaves as well as half the dial. The veins in the leaves have gold detailing.

E: Two Backboards for 8 Day Cuckoos (Make an offer)
One is 5 3/4" wide x 6 1/8" high, marked "8 Day" and stamped "6-72 West Germany". The second is 6 1/16" wide x 6 1/8" high, marked with "R" (Regula) and stamped "Germany". Included is part of a bird carving.

F: 8 Day Ingraham Winston 5$
The Clock is in good condition, and in working order. Still has repair tag attached.

G: Large Kundo Anniversary Clock 20$ OBO
This is a rather nice piece. Large size. No dome, no key. 2 missing adjustable feet, one missing mounting bolt, and one missing screw on the back "bridge". The suspension is ruined, but it is still there, along with the fork and both blocks. This could be a very nice clock once repaired.

H: Kundo Anniversary Clock 15$
Very similar to the clock above (same dial) but the smaller (standard) size. No dome, no key, one missing hand. The pendulum is missing, but the suspension spring (part of it) is there with the fork and top block. The 3 adjustable feet are missing. Movement is dirty, but looks to be in excellent shape. This could be a very nice clock if you have the spare parts for it.

J: Kundo Anniversary Clock (Battery) (Make an offer)
Beautiful dial, and I have seen this dial on mechanical versions as well. No pendulum or dome but everything else seems to be there. The 3 adjustable feet are there. A great clock for donor parts (finials, nuts & bolts, dial, hands, etc).

K: Atlanta Quartz Clock (1$ or free with another purchase?)
Made in Germany, the dial is nice, but the case is plastic. It appears to be missing some sort of mini handle or finial on top.

L: Ergo Mini Anniversary Clock (8 Day). 5$
An interesting little clock. Mostly made of plastic, with the dome secured with 2 screws. The suspension spring on it is ruined.

M: Kern Anniversary Clock 40$
Very nice clock in complete and working condition (Small size). All it needs is a dome and key. The suspension spring seems perfectly fine, and it will run for a few minutes. I'm asking more for this one, because it's very nice, and I may keep it if I can't sell it for 40$.

P: Manoir Anniversary Clock (Make an offer)
This one looks nice, but it is 90% plastic. One missing hand, no dome. I'm not sure if the suspension is still good on it.

Q: Kundo Electro-Magnetic Clock (Make an offer)
I'm not sure what to ask for this one. I sold a similar one a few years ago for over 200$, but I'm not expecting to get nearly that much for this one. It needs a dome and a suspension spring. Otherwise it looks to be in great shape, with clean contacts for the battery in the base. This is an excellent and collectible electro-magnetic clock.

S: Seth Thomas Alarm Clock 5$
Made in Germany. Alarm is functional, but movement needs cleaning.

T: "Deluxe" 7 Jewels Alarm Clock 5$
Made in Germany. Alarm setting knob is missing.

U: HAC Art Deco Desk Clock (Make an offer)
I may want to keep this one, but if you'd really like it, make me an offer. It has a very unusual winding arrangement on the back, and is in working condition. It has luminous hands and numerals.

W: School Slave Dial (Quartz Movement) 10$
This is a rather nice dial and bezel. The hands are missing, as is the original movement. The back is also missing. The lettering is hand painted.


  1. Hi,
    I have similar cuckoo clock like image C. I would like to get back the old shine. What do you suggest, to polish it? Thanks

    1. Hi, in general, cuckoo clocks have a fairly dull brown finish with just barely any gloss. Some of the brightly painted ones have a bit more shine to them. If it's just dirty/dusty, you can try cleaning it with a damp cloth, but be very careful because the paint/finish could come off. I am fairly sure that these are generally just painted brown, and they don't really have a protective varnish over the paint. Unless it's really bad, I'd just leave it alone, or like I said, just very light cleaning with a damp cloth. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for the answer.
      R: Hubert Herr Wall Clock. How much would be shipping to Toronto? And do you have more info about the clock?

    3. Hi, I'm not too sure what kind of additional info you would be looking for on this clock. I don't think it's very old (maybe 1960s or 1970s), the case is not overly large (less than 12" tall) and the movement looks like it's fairly well made (decent quality compared to today's junk). The shipping price might depend on whether you want both cases or just the one. I still don't have a pendulum, but I can include a spare brass one (I have no idea what the correct length needs to be). I would guess that shipping would be around 15-20$ to Toronto. The clock and spare case aren't very heavy, it will mostly depend on the size of the box once it's packed.

  2. Thanks for the info! I thought the clock is little older. I like mechanical clocks, and recently I've begun to collect. I'm in a dilemma is that a good start to collect and clocks after the WW2 or older. Do you have a book as a recommendation for a beginner?

    1. The clock is not very old, not very valuable, and that's why it's not very expensive. It's a nice piece, and better quality than what they sell today, but as I said in my listing: it's not my cup of tea.

      As for book recommendations, that's difficult. Most clock books tend to fall into fairly specific categories:
      - Instructional books (how to repair clocks)
      - General history and styles (somewhat useful, but they tend to all be fairly similar, with a history of timekeeping, and very general terms and overviews of different clock types - not super useful but nice to look at)
      - Restoration books (how to repair cases, dials, etc)
      - and specialized books (dealing with only one specific kind of clock, like Vienna clocks, Comtoise clocks, or Britich longcase clocks). These books tend to be the absolute best, but they're also the mose expensive. Prices range from 100$ - 1000$ USD for a single book. Most fall in the 100$-300$ range, but I know of several books worth over 500$.

      I would recommend that you start by what's available at your nearest library. They might not have too much, but it's a good place to start. Search antique shops and second hand stores. You can never have too many books. I have at least 60, but I've been buying clock books for over 10 years. Once you know what kinds of clocks interest you the most, then you can invest in the better books.

      I'm not sure if you're in North America or not, but I think if you're in the USA, the NAWCC has a book lending program for members, and they also have an entire online archive of all their publications.

    2. Note: I forgot you mentioned Toronto. Oops.