Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Waterbury Niles Gingerbread (Repaired Case)

Here are some photos of the repaired Waterbury Niles clock case. For the repair details, see the previous post here:

As you can see, the two repaired horns are not EXACTLY the same colour, but they have no stain on them. They do match depending on the viewing angle, so I'm happy with how they came out. Note the new glass transfer (on antique glass), and the new paper dial (lightly distressed). The previous dial was the wrong size, with the time track skirting the edge of the pan.

New grommets were also installed. They are a bit too shiny, but they will eventually dull down. The hand washer is not installed yet, as the movement still needs to be serviced.

The repair from the back side.

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