Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ingraham Violet Case Repair

This gingerbread clock was fixed around the same time as the New Haven and the Waterbury.

This is an orphaned case that was donated to me. It has wonderful original finish, the original glass, and the gong. The only issue with the case is a small break to the top.

The "Violet" is a very popular model (not at all rare) and I was able to find several photos to use for a pattern. This is a decent example of a Violet:

The pattern was made the same way as on the Waterbury Niles. This shows what the Photoshop file looks like when I work on a pattern. The image was resized to actual size (which is why it looks so blurry), and then a grid was overlaid on top. The darker grid lines are inches, and since the graph paper I was using had 5 squares per inch, I used 5 subdivisions on the grid.

The colour of the repair turned out well, and I was able to get a rough surface on the varnish/shellac, but I was NOT able to match the crackle effect. I tried multiple effects on some sample, and I wasn't able to get an exact match.

This is one of those clocks that is on the back burner. If and when I find the parts for it (dial and movement) I'll assemble it and finish it. For now the case is ready.

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