Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Summer Update

Hey fellow readers. It's been a while since I posted anything all that exciting. I feel as though I should at least bring you up to date on some ongoing projects. I'm sure many of you have been eagerly waiting so see more photos from the 11 clock that were donated last summer (August). I'm happy to report that at least half those clocks are largely completed (at least with regards to their cases). Refer to this link for photos:

Sperry & Shaw 8 Day Ogee (with Forestville label): Case restored, movement cleaned and running, new dial fabricated and fitted. Left to do: cut new minute hand and paint tablet.

Wadsworth Loundsbury & Turners Pillar & Scroll: Case recently completed. Still needs the movement cleaned, and a proper dial and hands.

Sperry & Shaw 8 Day Column Clock: Case restored, movement cleaned and in mostly working condition (it has recently stopped so I need to do some small tweaks to it). (100% done otherwise)

C & L C Ives Triple Decker Clock: Case restored, movement cleaned, and ready (need weights).

E W Adams Carved Wooden Works Shelf Clock: Case restored, and a dial was found for the clock. Needs correct movement, weights, bob, and antique mirror for door.

2 Door New Haven/Jerome Ogee: Case restored. Needs a bunch of parts.

The others I haven't worked on yet. Since then, however, I've bought that highly unusual C & N Jerome clock (, finished the case restoration on the Williams, Orton & Preston's (, finished restoring the case on the Elbridge G Atkins (; which I found a movement for, and still needs a dial, and I also purchased a replica Pillar and Scroll case for dirt cheap, as well as a pair of early 30 hour English birdcage longcase movements (which I started restoring).

Today I worked on the Seth Thomas column clock (, which I took apart and stripped. The case is beautiful mahogany and rosewood under all that horrible gunk.

I've also repaired a cuckoo clock for a friend of mine. It had a broken crest, and the movement needs a few small tweaks (I need to order some weights for it as well).

I need to figure out a better setup to take photographs of my clocks/repairs. Right now it's hard to find a good place w/o a lot of glare or adequate space. As soon as I can take some decent "after" photos I can start to compile, edit, group, arrange, and upload the photos to assemble them into posts.

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