Sunday, November 12, 2017

Brewster & Ingrahams Miniature Ogee - Before Photos and Case Repairs

This is a lovely little Brewster & Ingrahams miniature ogee clock that I had purchased as an empty case way back in May 2006. I was attracted to the lovely tablet and overall good condition. I eventually found a movement for it, but it still needs a dial.


I'm not sure how this happened, but there was a long and thin break along the edge of the top. This break is ACROSS the grain, so you can't easily patch this w/o it looking very strange.

The backboard was removed to make a few interior repairs.

The 3 arrows show new pieces. The clock was missing one dial block, and it had only 2 small cleats holding the ogee frame in place, so I added two more. Everything was glued in place with hide glue and painted/stained to match.

Sadly the label is largely missing, but there's just enough there to make out that it's Brewster & Ingrahams, and the printer's address is also still visible.

Here is the 30hr spring driven movement I was able to find for the clock. It needed restoration, but it's now in working condition again.

Here's the case "after". I did very little with the case, other than a few touch-ups, two teeny tiny corner veneer repairs, and a wax polish.

That long awkwardly chipped spot along the top edge (visible on the right in this photo) was puttied, sanded, and painted to blend in.

More on this project later.


  1. Impressive JC. Do you make your own hide glue? What work did you have to do on the movement?

    1. I haven't posted about the movement yet, but it did need some work. The click on one of the main wheels was extremely messed up. I also had to fit a new verge to it. Otherwise it wasn't in too bad shape. Sadly one of the springs (time side) is not original, and because of this, the clock won't keep time for 30 hours. The original springs were brass, and I believe they are about 108" long (something like that), which is much longer than regular 30hr springs. This is because the brass springs are much softer and floppier. The problem is the missing length means I can't get the full run time. I haven't found a solution yet. No 30hr springs (new) are either light enough gauge or long enough to work.

      As for the glue, I just buy pearl hide glue from Lee Valley. I mix it in small batches, and I store it in the fridge. This can only be done for about a month, after that it starts to go mouldy.