Sunday, April 23, 2017

Month-Going Longcase Clock Project - Updated Dial Photos

Here are a few up to date photos showing details of the dial. In the last post the dial and hands were largely finished, but I had not yet done the chamfer on the winding square hole, or polished the dial plate.

Here you can clearly see the detail of the winding hole as well as the end of the brass screw fixing the spandrel in place (under the cherub's chin). You can also see a faint pinkish hue in the brass from the dial foot in the frosted dial centre near the IIII.

Here is what the back of the dial looks like. I plan to completely blacken and antique it at some point. The backs of dials are never normally cleaned, so they are usually completely dark and brown with oxidation. Alternatively they are painted brown or black on painted "white" dials. In either case the reverse is usually very dark, and the clean brass doesn't look right.

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