Thursday, February 28, 2013

Longcase (Movement Photos)

Here are a few photos of the movement from the Allan longcase. As you can see, it hasn't been in working condition for quite some time. It has numerous breaks and a few repairs.

The arrows point out a replaced (ugly but functional) count hook, a poor solder repair to the rack, and the horribly bent calendar wheel (on its bent post).

Here you can see an unusual choice for a gut-line end stop (the other one is a bone-shaped wooden block), and the broken section of the seat board.

The cracked end of the bell stand.

Side view:

And I have to point out the stunningly beautiful click springs. I've seen a handful of longcase movements, and they are almost never this fancy. Often they will be a simple shallow curve, or a plain rectangle.

Here is the seatboard with the movement removed.

And while it was in the clamp to reattach the broken section. Note the candle wax drippings (which could be up to 100 years old). The perfectionist in me wants to scrape those off and clean the board, but it's just SO NEAT that I'm leaving them there.

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