Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Quick Update

I have been falling behind on clock repair work as well as other projects. The majority of my time has lately been spent helping restore the Victorian Farmhouse with my friends. See:

That said, I will have several posts in the near future to share. The William S. Johnson Ogee is largely finished. I still need to order specialty glue, but I've had problems regarding shipping (waaaaay too expensive for a teeny tiny bottle). The only thing left to finish on the clock is to replace the hands. My friend Jim will be cutting them out for me when he has the chance, and the hands will match the style that was on it (which are very hart to find).

I doubt I'll have the glass adhesive soon, but once I get the hands, I can take better "after" photos of the clock, including the repainted dial.

The other project, which I'll be posting as soon as I have a couple of free hours to write down all the info and organize a post for it, will be a completely mangled longcase clock that I recently restored for some clients. It actually turned out quite wonderfully.

This is how the movement and dial came to me, along with a bag of loose wheels, and the weights and pendulum.

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