Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quickie Update

A few things to briefly mention:

- The John Birge column & cornice clock is nearly finished. I just put a few more hours into the crown moulding over the past 2 days, and it's NEARLY finished. I still need to cut and install two triangular glue blocks, as well as drill the screw mounting hole on the replaced left crown piece. Once that's done, I can glue and install the crown, and the clock will be done. I also had to entirely re-make the fan wheel a second time (more details on this later).

- I've been working on the Rosewood Seth Thomas clock (from this clock haul). The rosewood case is restored (and looks fantastic), the dial has been repainted, the movement is repaired (and fully functional), all that is left is to finish working on the reverse glass painting (tablet). The clock originally had a very thin old mirror, but I really didn't want to have a mirror in it.

- I recently completed (99%) the restoration of a wonderful and cute miniature wag-on-the-wall clock. This one mostly just needed cleaning and new side doors, but during the cleaning and restoration, I had to repair/reshape the dial mounting hooks, and I also made a custom wall shelf for it. The only reason it isn't 100% finished is that the chains on the clock are too short. The clock runs and strikes fine, but there is only enough chain for about 10 hours (both chains are less than 3 feet, and they need to be at least 5 feet long). The chains needed are 50 links per foot, which are not commercially available. The closest match are 49 LPF, so I may try those.

- I may also be painting the tablet for the rare 8 day Seth Thomas column clock. The stencil has already been cut for it.

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