Monday, September 28, 2015


Alright, so I had a little bit of spare time this afternoon, and I spent it doing a bit of maintenance on my crappy old clock collection website:

JC's Clock Collection

The site has largely not been updated for the past...5-6 years?

I mainly just edited a bit of the text (the main text on the front page still had me saying I was 23, and I'm now 31 - almost 32), and spent all the rest of the time fixing all the broken links to photos that had been moved around in Photobucket. The site is very simple, and I like that it's free. The site is so old that it seems that the ads that are supposed to be showing on it (top, bottom, and with pop-ups) don't seem to be working anymore (at least for me, nothing shows up except 2 lines of "undefined" text where the ads used to be).

The big downside to this site, and the reason I hate updating it, is that everything I do on it is through HTML (text only) so I have to manually code everything in it by hand, and make sure there are no mistakes. Angelfire does have an easier interface to work on the pages, but I wasn't able to get things to work properly so I switched to "text only" mode. I also have to create each new page (usually by copying a template page) and make all the custom buttons and thumbnails. I would love something easier to update and customize, but I don't want to pay for a monthly service.

The ideal for me would be something more like blog form posts (like this blog) which are easy to post and edit, but I'm not sure how well that would work to browse a clock collection. I'd still like to have a basic "gallery page" with each individual clock. Maybe I could set something up where I have clickable icons linking directly to blog posts? Thoughts?

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