Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Purchase - Wag on the Wall Clock

I have been wanting to add a Black Forest "Wag on the Wall" clock to my collection for quite some time. The examples that I found online (the ones I liked) usually went for too much money, or weren't in good condition. They are hard to find in good shape for under 100$.

This little beauty, however, turned out to be an excellent purchase, and probably slipped through the cracks, since I paid under 100$ for it.

The clock is in completely original (unmolested) condition, and it appears to only be missing the original pendulum (a new replacement pendulum was included with the clock).

These are a few of the photos from the listing, but I'll be taking some new ones when I get the chance.

Original weights, chains, hands, dial, bezel, side doors, bell, and even the hand cut wooden taper pins that secure several of the clock's components.

The dial is painted wood.

The dial surround is decorated with faux (painted) Rosewood, Mother of Pearl inlay dots, and pressed foliage decorations, which are highlighted with some gold paint (not too visible in this particular photo, but if you look at the first one, some of the gold highlights are visible over the XII numeral).

The movement is in great shape, and works fine (though I will be cleaning it). It uses a cast (slotted ring) count wheel on the back (similar to early brass plate cuckoo movements), and it uses lantern pinions throughout (even on the motion works). This is a 30 hour clock.

Note the wood dial, and wood dial surround. The bell sits on a turned wooden post, and is held in place loosely by a wooden taper pin.

More photos and details as soon as I'm able.


  1. Honestly, the purchase of the clock was real bargain. This beauty is very expensive on the market now, correct my humble knowledge if I am wrong. Thumbs up!

    1. Hi, I just noticed I didn't reply to this. Yes the clock was a real bargain, however, the prices of clocks (and antiques in general) have been plummeting over the past few years. Clocks that had been worth 200$ are now barely able to sell for half the price. I know a collector who can't even sell 1850s ogee clocks for 30$, nor gingerbread clocks for the same price.

      I have another really beautiful (miniature) Wag-on-the-Wall that I'll be posting soon.

    2. We have the clock described. Purchased in Scotland 1969. Value, interested?

      Seems the low interest in antique wall clocks is gone , to bad. clock appears to be 120 + yrs old

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