Sunday, September 15, 2013

Longcase Update

Slow progress is still progress. Since the last time I posted, I've repaired the feet and stained them (they still need shellac), and made a few additional repairs to the hood, including the right hand cove moulding, and patching the large chipped hole. I also made and fitted the two rear slats (they aren't glued in place yet).

Here you can see a simple card stock template that I made for the pattern of the ogee feet. I flattened-out the broken rear feet sections with the belt sander, and prepped some new blanks, which were cut to the correct shape before being attached (you can see both blanks ready for installation).

Right foot:

Left foot (this one may need a bit more stain):

Here are the patch pieces glued onto both ends of the swan neck moulding.

Left side "mini cove" patch.

Here you can see the mostly finished right side. It doesn't look too fantastic in this photo because it's just inches away from a strong light, and it also needs several coats of shellac.

More soon (ish).

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