Monday, November 18, 2019

Fixing Posts

Bear with me as I will be spending some time over the next little while fixing old posts and re-adding the images. So far I have done two posts. The changes with Flickr have meant that I had to delete/remove about 500 images to be under their new limits for free accounts. One of the easiest solutions was to remove all clock images since January 2017. They've all been saved to my PC. I just need to re-add them to Google Photos, and then go re-edit each individual post one by one, which is very time consuming. What is making it harder is that all the images in the blog posts are just html links, so I have to check them and replace them largely by file name only, like: pc230207.jpg. The images will also be larger, so I have to play with the blog widths. It had previously been optimized for viewing at 1024x768, but I think a lot of people have increased the sizes/resolutions on their monitors since then.

EDIT: Not bad! I managed to do 16 posts tonight. I'd keep going, but it's bed time.

EDIT 2: Nov 20th 3:19am. ALL DONE! All the old posts have been fixed.

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  1. JC, have you thought of moving over to WordPress. WordPress will handle your photos (I reduce mine in size) and it is free.For a domain name you would, of course, pay a little money.