Thursday, February 22, 2018

Quickie Update

Hello fellow readers! This is just a quick message to say that I'm still around, and that yes, I have a ton more content, articles, projects, and photos that I want to post and discuss, but I've been busy. As I'm sure you can realize, the content I post takes a lot of time and effort to assemble, write, and present (and then revise). I recently started a new job in an entirely new field, and it's been taking up all my focus and mental energy. I expect it will take several weeks before I settle into the new job (it's fairly high-skill and challenging), but I will make efforts to make some posts as soon as I'm able.

The clocks from Jim this past summer ( are all coming along nicely. The Sperry & Shaw column clock is now done, and I took a video a while ago. I posted the video in a few places, but I didn't think to post it here...

Likewise, the 8 day Sperry/Forestville ogee has also been cleaned and repaired (and is running nicely). The tablet hasn't been painted yet, but it has a new replica wood dial.

The Ives triple decker is done (aside from fitting an antique mirror). It was repaired and cleaned, but I need a pair of weights for it.

The two door ogee case is repaired (no work done yet on the tablet or movement/dial, etc.)

The Wadsworth pillar & scroll is under restoration (half done?)

I haven't touched the Hotchkiss clock yet, but bought a dial and movement for it.

The Adams case is done, and I have a dial and hands for it. No correct movement yet, but I have a placeholder movement in it for now.

The Jerome column clock with the shiny gold column caps is repaired (case) but not finished yet.

I also did a lot of work on the "Mystery Wooden Works" clock (Elbrige Atkins), and that clock is nearly done, too.

I still need to make a large clock parts order for all these (bobs, hands, keys, and other small parts).


  1. Is the Jerome clock the Bronze Looking Glass Clock?


    1. Ron, I don't really own any clocks that I would specifically call a "bronze looking glass clock". I tend to associate that name with the large early wooden works clocks with groaner movements, and the one-piece front doors (with the columns attached) and a mirror. The Jerome I'm referencing in this post is a column & cornice, which you can see in the linked post within the blog entry. The clock shows up in the third photo, and again farther down. It has really shiny gold (regilded) capitals.