Monday, June 6, 2016

Small Wag-On-The-Wall Clock Restoration & Custom Wall Shelf

This is a really cute little clock that I picked up a few years ago. It didn't need too much work, but it had problems with all the dial hooks, it needed new doors, and some general cleaning and maintenance.

While I took the clock apart for cleaning, the original keeper for the count wheel broke. I had to make a new one.

I'm not sure if these are factory markings, maker's markings, or simply a former owner, but more than likely they are in German, and I can't read German.

The dial appears to be printed paper glued over wood, but I'm not 100% sure. I bought the clock purely because it had such a wonderful dial. Many of these Black Forest clocks have beautiful, colourful dials.


Front (after cleaning and repairs):

The bottom still has the original dark red paint. I tried to match this for the side doors and shelf.

New doors. The "hinges" are more or less just bent staples, and they were tricky to install. They are drilled at an angle, and then driven into the wood. A lot of care has to be taken not to split the wood while forcing the staple end in place.

The teeny tiny little slots were cut with a small drill bit and a jeweler's saw.

The clock came with original (painted) weights and pendulum.

All done! This one is fairly small. The dial is about 8 1/4" high.

The paint is sort of a 2-tone (mottled) burgundy that is bordering on dark pink. I was aiming for more of a red, but the pink matches the dial. The shelf was made of thin pine, and wax polished after painting.

For size:

The only issue with the clock is that both chains are only about 3 feet long. I would need 2 new chains at 50 or 51 LPF and these are not available.


  1. Fantastic work as usual JC. Your photos continue to document the process perfectly. Clock turned out extremely well. Your skills are seen in everything you do and very few people can deliver what you seem to make "easy". Others who do this work also are impressed....and they are few....

    1. Thanks so much, Jim! The hardest part on this was was getting all the dial hooks just right. One of them still pops out occasionally. I don't like the way that the dial attaches, but I didn't want to modify the system, either.